A Journey Into An Extraordinary World.

Our goal is to disperse the myths and misconceptions of an industry by sharing professional knowledge.


Daniela Marin

In the early 90's I copywrote articles on watchmaking. Later I made a stint working for Piaget. After moving to Le Locle in 1996, where life revolved predominantly around watchmaking, I found a small community where watchmaking was simply a way of life. I was a horophile in denial. In 2000 I funded and officially joined the Watch workshop, it became Speake-Marin & Partner when I joined and I develop this unknown brand to be a highly respected independent luxury brand. In 2017 I co-founded The Naked Watchmaker.

Peter Speake

Peter worked in aftersales service with Omega, Rolex and Piaget, as well as working in restoration for an Antique dealer in London. Moving to Switzerland in 1996 Audemars Piguet in the production of modern complications. In 2000 I co founded, The Watch Workshop (with Daniela Marin) An independent company providing services for the assembly of complications, this evolved to become Speake-Marin watches in 2002 when Daniela officially joined the company. . In 2017 we developed The Naked Watchmaker educational platform.


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Peter Chong

Editor www.deployant.com

"The style is a set of videos based on Powerpoints, photographs, more videos and animations with narration in English by Peter Speake and Daniela Marin. The explanations are very clear and easy to understand. Almost like being in a conversation with Peter and Daniela. One can pause, rewind and re-watch any part on one’s own time, and as many times as one wishes. Peter and Daniela make an excellent team, and the vibes of the conversation is light, relaxed, but informative."

Martin Pulli

Collector and Agent for independent watchmakers

The Naked Watchmaker Masterclass provides the horological enthusiast with a complete timeline of the most important features and advances of the chronological history of watchmaking. Watchmaking terminology and techniques that honor the past and provide continuity for the future of both commercial and artisanal watchmaking. If you are an enthusiast or passionate collector you will find yourself wanting to play and replay the Masterclass to further your passions and look on your own collection with new found knowledge and appreciation of the horological arts.

Mitchell Adler


I enjoyed the course very much. I have done a great deal of reading and knew most of the material, but I enjoyed how you organized the course. It helped with my overall perspective of watchmaking and made me eager to delve into the more advanced material that you said would be in later courses. Thank you.

Angus Davies

Founder www.escapementmagazine.com

Since it was founded in 2017, The Naked Watchmaker has become a useful resource for watch industry professionals and devotees of horology. Using a combination of macro photography and informative text, the Naked Watchmaker has demystified the world of timekeeping. Now, this specialist company has utilised its expertise and created a series of distance-learning courses. The educational tools provided by The Naked Watchmaker guide the student through a variety of topics, including the anatomy of a watch, how a simple timepiece works, precision timekeeping, movement decoration and complications. In my opinion, this informative training will prove invaluable for a variety of watch company employees including those staff working in sales, marketing, PR and retail. Moreover, the courses provide a perfect means of sating the curiosity of watch admirers yearning to augment their knowledge and indulge their passion for horology.